Quarantine Family Bucket List

While most adults are working from home and kids are doing schoolwork from their teachers. There is still opportunity to do some things that our normal (non-quarantined) lives don’t always allow. With the extra time in a confined space with your loved ones; why not make and complete a bucket list? The bucket list IContinue reading “Quarantine Family Bucket List”

How to NOT to Lose Your Cool While at Home with Kids

The truth is I’m not entirely sure how to NOT lose my cool, but I have some pointers that may help. If I’m being extra honest with myself, I started losing my cool the minute I read the the email saying that my son’s school was closed for two weeks. Then before those two weeksContinue reading “How to NOT to Lose Your Cool While at Home with Kids”

12 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Physically and Mentally When You’re Stuck at Home

About seventy-five percent of the days (since we’ve been Social Distancing ourselves) I’ve been wearing pajamas. As comfortable as that seems, it can definitely bring on depression and anxiety for me. It makes me feel extra trapped and without any real plans. When I get the opportunity to shower, get dressed (even if it’s onlyContinue reading “12 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Physically and Mentally When You’re Stuck at Home”

What to Do with the Kids When You’re Quarantined

Most States have either cancelled school for the remainder of the school year or until the middle of May. There are no tangible clues as to when this Coronavirus nightmare will end. In the meantime, you will need to keep your children occupied or you will be doing your own creative version of social distancing.Continue reading “What to Do with the Kids When You’re Quarantined”

I’m a Stay at Home Mom, and I Did Not Sign up for This

My typical weekday as a Stay at Home Mom starts like this: I wake up with the baby, change him, and then feed him. I feed the dog, let her out, and give her medicine. Then I start to get breakfast ready for both boys and myself. The coffee pot brews, I make my olderContinue reading “I’m a Stay at Home Mom, and I Did Not Sign up for This”

To my Former NICU baby on Your First Birthday, I’m Sorry we Won’t get to Celebrate

Dear Hunter, It’s the day before your First Birthday Party. At least, it’s the day before it was supposed to be. You were supposed to get to show off your Mickey decorations, open up presents from family, and smash cake in your face. I’m sorry that you won’t get to do that. At least notContinue reading “To my Former NICU baby on Your First Birthday, I’m Sorry we Won’t get to Celebrate”

Once Upon a Time, There was a Virus

Once upon a time people all around the World took each other and Earth for granted. They spent more than half the day at their jobs. They rushed through breakfast, through lunch, and through dinner. They didn’t get to spend time appreciating the beauty of the land because they were overwhelmed with responsibilities. They foughtContinue reading “Once Upon a Time, There was a Virus”

Having Anxiety During a Pandemic

I’ve touched upon having Anxiety in my previous posts. However, having Anxiety during a Global Pandemic can be even more so crippling. For me, I have a difficult time with abrupt changes. I typically need some notice to mentally prepare myself for dealing with the stress of any large transition. I also thrive with instantContinue reading “Having Anxiety During a Pandemic”

HomeSchool 101 : Lower Elementary Age

As a former Elementary school teacher, I have a few tricks up my sleeve during this pandemic. My son Brian is a Kindergartener, and I will be sharing with you the schedule I have created for us while he is home during the week. I have our one-on-one instruction time while my younger son takesContinue reading “HomeSchool 101 : Lower Elementary Age”

Mom, No Matter What, I Love You

I’ve read countless articles on mothering without a mother. Each one is heartbreaking. Each one tears me to my core; and yet, my mother is alive. I am extremely fortunate to have my mother with me through my own motherhood journey. Especially when I know so many others who have gone without. The truth is,Continue reading “Mom, No Matter What, I Love You”