I’m no longer Angry; I’m just Grateful

I used to get really pissed off that I was the parent always giving my kids baths, and not my husband.

I used to get really pissed off that I couldn’t even take a shower without one of my children asking me to open a snack even though their father was available to help them.

I used to get really pissed off that my husband could easily leave the house, shower, and make appointments without worrying if someone was going to watch the children.

Then it hit me… I decided to go grocery shopping the other day because my oldest was in school and my neighbors were babysitting my youngest. Something to note, I do not do the grocery shopping in our household. It’s very rare that I go, and if I do it’s with my husband.

Grocery shopping triggers my Anxiety. I can shop for clothes, crafts, and just stroll through stores all day long, but I absolutely HATE grocery shopping. I have felt like this most of my life. When my husband and I were living in our apartment pre-children, he always did the grocery shopping. Maybe it’s something about the temperature change or actually seeing the cost of some of the food items. Honestly, I really don’t know. I just know that it’s not a job I like to do.

In fact, my husband does a lot of the jobs that I either don’t like to do, or the ones that make me uncomfortable. My anger about always being the one giving baths, making doctor appointments, taking the kids to the doctor appointments, and other jobs that I honestly don’t really mind doing; has now turned to gratefulness.

I’m grateful that I have a partner who does the jobs I don’t want to. We balance each other out.

He doesn’t do baths, but I don’t do grocery shopping.

He doesn’t do the doctor appointments, but I don’t gather the trash in trash night.

He doesn’t clean the toilets, but I don’t mow the lawn.

Then there are things we both do. We both do laundry. We both do dishes. We both tidy our home. We both love our kids and each other.

I used to get really pissed off, but now I’m just grateful for the balance that my husband and I have created over time.

I’m no longer angry; I’m just grateful.


Published by mommydignen

Hey "Youse Guys!" I'm a mom of two handsome, smart, and lazy boys. I'm originally from South Philly, PA; but currently reside in Wilmington, DE. I enjoy drinking coffee, scrolling Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and living my best life in my yoga pants. Although I have a Master's Degree in education, I chose to stay home while my kids are little. Crafting is also my jam... thus, Pinterest being one of my main scrolling sites. Writing has always been a solid outlet for me. Need to yell at a boyfriend who broke your heart? Yell at him through the written WORD. Need to mourn a loved one? Get your feelings on a laptop and type away some of the grief. Need to laugh or cry about the ups and downs of motherhood? WRITE IT DOWN!

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