Easy Elf Shenanigans for Everyone!

For the past 7 years I’ve been doing the “Elf on the Shelf” tradition with my kids. I didn’t really get too into the fun and creative ideas until my older son turned 3. That’s when he really understood the concept and was super excited to find his elf, Tootie Fuss every morning.

There were so many good ones I’ve done in the past. I’ll share several of my favorites below.

1. The Elf Arrival:

The Elf Arrival is crucial. It’s always fun to put a nice twist on how he/she arrives. Our Elf, Tootie always arrives the day after Thanksgiving, but I know many families wait until December 1st. Below, Tootie arrived in a Parcel Package from the North Pole. There are plenty of FREE downloadable parcel labels on Google and Pinterest.

Elf Arrival Parcel Package

2. The Floor is Lava!!!

“The Floor is Lava“ is a popular phrase amongst kids that watch YouTube and Ryan’s Toy Review. The best part is when your Elf is down with the times. To create this elf idea you just need a sign, Christmas ribbon, and some red tissue paper. Super easy, and a great surprise for the kids in the morning.

The Floor is LAVA!!!

3. Endgame for the Elf? Or is it?

While I may have traumatized my older son from this one, he was just thankful that there was “magic powder” to bring Tootie back to life. In order to create this idea you will need a Thanos doll, crushed up candy canes, elf hat, and magical glitter.

4. The Elf got PIED!!!

If you’re like every parent with children 3 and older, you most likely have the game “Pie in the Face.” If not, it should be on your list to get ASAP! It’s hysterical! Instead of whipped cream, I used Barbasol shaving cream for a thicker consistency. It lasts longer and also won’t attract bugs like the sugar in whipped cream. It also adds to the humor of the situation that the Elf got himself into.

Tootie got the wrong kind of cream. 🤷🏻‍♀️

5. Elf on Strike!!!

Whenever my kids misbehave, I have a Warning Notice and sometimes have our Elf be “on strike” until they behave well. My older son does NOT appreciate the warnings, but sometimes they are needed and actually work. There are plenty of Warning Notice sheets on Google and Pinterest to choose from; or you can make your own. I saved the files so I can go in and edit if I need another one. I made the “Elf of Strike” sign with a little bit of cardstock, hot glue, and a lollipop stick.

Elf on Strike!!!

6. Farm Fresh Christmas Trees

This one is so cute and easy. Just make a sign that says “Farm Fresh Christmas Trees” and then line up Little Debbie’s Christmas Tree cakes. It looks adorable and the trees can be used for snack time. Yum!

Farm Fresh Christmas Trees!!!

7. Potatoes are irresistible!

Our Elf Tootie must have gotten hungry in the middle of the night. He started to shred Mr. Potato head. Thankfully, he was caught red handed before any real damage could be done. My older son got a kick out of this one! It’s definitely funny and there is an automatic sequel for this one. You only need a Mr. Potato head, cheese grater, and either chips or chip fries. I added a “Help!” sign for extra drama.

That’s one hot potato!

8. You do the Crime, You do the Time

Since our Elf Tootie got caught for attempted murder, he had to get his mugshot. You do the crime, you do the time. Just search “mugshot background” on Google, print one out along with a black and white miniature label of the offender and offense; then boom, another day of Elf Shenanigans in the books.

Guilty as charged

9. Plants vs Zombies

If your kid is a gamer at all, then he/she will know all about Plants vs. Zombies. My 6 year old loves this game. So, of course his Elf turned into a Zombie for one day. Print out a Zombie head that’s about 2 inches around. Then tape it on. If you don’t have other plants and zombies then print some out. This one was cool and easy to do. It was also one of my 6 year old’s favorites!

Brains!!! Yum!!!

10. Bye Bye until next year!

Every year on Christmas Eve, I allow my 6 year old son to hold his Elf for the day. There is always a magical element that allows Tootie to keep his magic so he can go back to the North Pole. This particular year it was the magic sweater he was wearing. In the past there was magic dust (glitter).

Bye Bye Tootie!

The whole point of Elf on the Shelf and Christmas in general is to keep traditions and magic alive. Children deal with so much “non-kid” stuff on a regular basis. The holidays should be carefree and magical for them. That’s why I try to make the elf shenanigans as creative as I can. I hope you enjoyed these ideas. I would love for you to share these ideas with anyone who could benefit.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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