Quarantine Family Bucket List

Quarantine 2020 Bucket List

While most adults are working from home and kids are doing schoolwork from their teachers. There is still opportunity to do some things that our normal (non-quarantined) lives don’t always allow. With the extra time in a confined space with your loved ones; why not make and complete a bucket list?

The bucket list I created is a list of activities I want to try to accomplish with my family by the end of this quarantine. Feel free to use mine or create your own to make it fit your family. These are just fun ideas to keep kids and adults occupied. Our daily lives have been disrupted abruptly. Therefore, looking forward to certain activities to complete will help us not to focus on the doom and gloom. At least I know it helps me.

I will not be discussing every single item on my list; just highlighting what I am most excited about doing with my family! Family time was always hard to fit in with my kids constantly catching sicknesses so they were already quarantined at home a good portion of the Winter. When they were healthy we would attend a birthday party almost every weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I miss seeing my friends and my kids’ friends. I miss my family. I miss my parents terribly. However, I’m going to focus on the positive.

The President recently announced that we should continue to Socially Distance until at least the end of April (I’m thinking it will unfortunately be longer). So, I will be using this time to do quality and meaningful activities with my kids and husband. We have been given this extra time, I plan to utilize it as much as possible.

Outdoor Movie Night:

We have a projector that we bought two years ago and never used. With all the movie options (Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime) we can have plenty of these outdoor movie nights. We’re waiting for a day without rain. I want to set up a large white sheet, on either our shed or back wall. I figure we can inflate the inflatable pool and put pillows and blankets inside. We always have popcorn and snacks, so it will be perfect. I’m just hoping the baby will let us watch something other than Mickey, Frozen, and Frozen II. Those are his favorites. We watch them on repeat.

Nature Walk/Hike:

Fortunately we live in an area where there are great trails near by. In fact we can walk to one of the trails from our house. My husband and I try to hike as much as possible, but we rarely do it with the kids because… well, they’re kids. We will have to lower our expectations and make it about them. It will be therapeutic for all! I hope.

Easter Craft:

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good craft. I especially love having my kids participate in Holiday crafts. Something about crafting and Holidays mixed together just bring joy. Bonus, Easter colors are bright and welcoming. That is something to help us remember that happier days are coming.

Pillow Fight:

Are your kids driving you nuts? Do you want to get out that aggression without Child Protective Services (CPS) knocking on your door? Then a pillow fight is the way to go. It will allow your children (I don’t recommend this for children under 4) to get out some energy and laugh, while you take your hardest pillow hits directly at their body. It’s all in good fun, and it really does help everyone feel better. Fluff up those pillows.

P.S. I do NOT condone child abuse, I just REALLY love to write with a little bit of sadistic humor. I also really love my kids… Like, I would die for them so they could breath for an extra minute type of love.

Read one Book a Night:

I love reading. I miss reading. However, I can still try to instill that love of reading with my kids. We do try to read books as often as possible, but sometimes other things happen (like sleep regressions and attitudes). I do want to make it more of a priority that we read at least one book per day/night. Also, I’m thinking I should look into an elementary aged chapter book for my six year old. We’ve read the children’s chapter book of the Wizard of Oz several times, and he loved it.

I’m planning to turn this negative situation into a positive one. I know a rainbow will arrive once this storm ends, I just hate waiting. Patience isn’t my strong suit. I mean, at one point it was, but I try to use as much patience as I can with my children. Therefore, the excess is very limited.

What’s on your bucket list?


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