HomeSchool 101 : Lower Elementary Age

As a former Elementary school teacher, I have a few tricks up my sleeve during this pandemic. My son Brian is a Kindergartener, and I will be sharing with you the schedule I have created for us while he is home during the week. I have our one-on-one instruction time while my younger son takes a nap.

Please feel free to use this for your own use.

Additionally, I plan to create weekly mini lessons based on what he’s been learning in school. I will update this article once I create them. Below I will attach a few websites with great resources to use for free EBooks, worksheets, sight word lists, and more.

Here are some great resources to use while educating and entertaining your little ones:

I plan to share different crafts and activities that I do with my Kindergartener, and also with my 11 month old. Follow along via my Facebook page to see the majority of activities.

This is a weird and difficult time for all of us in America; and around the World. This is all something very unfamiliar and terrifying. We plan to stick to social distancing in order to help flatten the curve (see below image).

As a very extroverted person, this will be difficult; but ultimately I hope that by doing my part, the doctors, nurses, and medical staff will not be overwhelmed, and then we can hopefully get back to some normalcy as soon as possible.

Anyway, back to HomeSchool 101! Haha! Here are a few tips to get you prepared and keep you sane.

  • Be prepared: Map out your week and have all materials ready the night before.
    • Along with being prepared; I suggest printing out a blank weekly calendar to help you write down a quick version of what you plan on doing each day.
  • Use what you have on hand: No need to go to the store to purchase anything. Go through your craft drawer, utilize the websites I posted above, and keep it simple.
  • Ask your child(ren)’s teacher what they were focusing on learning: My son’s teacher sent home a weekly newsletter alerting the parents to what our children will be learning about that week. I’m sure if you email him/her, he/she will be happy to help. In fact they may already be coming up with online packets.
  • Let your kids play: Kids do their best learning through play. Find teachable moments while they play, but don’t force it. For example: if your child is playing grocery store and he says “That box of cereal is $4.” You can say “I only have a $5 bill. How much change will you give me back?” That’s learning through play and a teachable moment about subtraction.
  • Utilize Centers: Centers are the BEST. THING. EVER! Set up 4 different educational, but fun centers. Have a timer go off every 15 minutes during this time. By the time your child(ren) has gone through each center, an hour will have passed. One of the centers should be with you to help your child(ren) focus on something they can’t do alone. Choose a different subject each day to be a center with you.
  • Take a deep breath and relax: Easier said than done, but try to relax. Enjoy the extra time you get with your kids. I understand that some of you are going to be working from home and may not have all the time to do everything everyday with your kids. Guess what? That’s okay. Take it one day at time and know that we’re all in this together.

Here’s a sample blank weekly calendar that you can use.

Well, that’s the gist of HomeSchool 101. Please comment, message, or email me for any questions. I hope this helps you get through the next several weeks of being home with your kiddos!


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